Carefree CD

Let us help you be more Carefree!

You have the option of

Increasing Your Rate

once during its 15 month term

With the Community Trust Bank Carefree CD you have the option of increasing your rate once during its 15 month term so you don’t have to worry about missing out on better rates!

Minimum to
earn APY
(Annual Percentage Yield)

Stop or call your local Community Trust Bank office to find out more!

Rate is equal to the 1-year Treasury Bill discount rate.  Customer may increase the rate once during the term of the CD after the initial 90 days.  Interest is compounded quarterly.  Non-renewable.  Non-negotiable.  Penalty for early withdrawal.  APY is valid as of 08/18/2017.  Rate is subject to change daily. Available for a limited time only.