Personal Savings & Money Market Product Comparison

Access Savings Savings Club Money Market
Minimum to Open $10 $10 $2,500
Minimum to Earn Interest None No Minimum –
Paid on collected balance
Collected balance
Maintenance Fees $4.00 per Quarter None $10.00
Avoid Maintenance Fees Maintain daily ledger balance of $100 or be under age 19 N/A Maintain daily ledger balance of $2,500
Excess Transaction Fee $2.00/debit over 9 per quarter (not including ATM transactions) N/A $5.00 for each debit over 6 per statement cycle (not including in person or ATM transactions)
ATM/Debit Card Check mark icon
ATM card only
N/A Check mark icon
ATM Access* Check mark icon
N/A Check mark icon
Online Access
Available Upon Request
Check mark icon Check mark icon Check mark icon
Online Bill Pay
Available Upon Request
Check mark icon



* Transaction Limits/Activity Fee: Free CTB ATM Transactions, Non CTB ATM fee is $1.00 plus any fee charged by the ATM owner.


Federal Regulation D prohibits more than six preauthorized withdrawals, automatic or telephonic transfers, or other similar transactions, or a combination of such transfers and withdrawals per month. Once the account has repeatedly exceeded the Regulation D limits corrective action will be taken, such as conversion to a transaction type account (Applies to All Savings and Money Market Accounts except the Savings Club Account)

Visit your local branch for additional information about applicable terms and fees and current interest rates and annual percentage yields.