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Corporate Services

Cash Management

Accelerate the availability of corporate cash, maximize the productive use of cash, and minimize the collection time of accounts receivable with Community Trust Bank (CTB) Business Internet Banking - the corporate cash management solution. The four components of cash management include collection, concentration, disbursement, and control.

The Collection component:

  • Improves your funds availability by reducing mail, processing, and collection float times
  • Improves cash forecasting
  • Improves audit control

The Concentration component:

  • Provides an easy, productive way to gain effective control of your corporate cash pool
  • Reduces idle balances
  • Provides for more effective investment opportunities
  • Assists in reducing short-term borrowings

The Disbursement component:

  • Facilitates your cash outflow by monitoring disbursement float
  • Centralizes all payables
  • Provides accurate and timely information
  • Ensures effective cash management

The Control component:

  • Allows you to closely monitor balances and daily activity
  • Enables you to establish current and average cash positions
  • Ensures control by providing the following:
  • Complete, accurate, and timely status reports of the corporate cash pool
  • Balance levels, deposits, availability, daily clearing totals, monthly statements, account analysis, and accurate reconciliation reports
  • A comparison between actual and forecasted cash flow allowing balance levels, investments, and borrowings to be adjusted, as needed

Zero Balance Accounts

CTB offers the convenience of zero balance accounts (ZBA) to track activity using separate accounts for your business. Each processing night, our system will automatically transfer funds to or from your operating account to streamline your accounting process.

Line of Credit Sweep

CTB's loan and checking systems are integrated which allows the linking of your operating credit line (subject to certain qualifications and credit approval) to your checking account, providing convenient access. This interface automatically pays down your loan balance on your Line of Credit with excess funds from your checking account. It also automatically funds the checking account from the Line of Credit as needed.

Remote Deposit Capture

Make deposits from the convenience of your desk. Remote Deposit Capture lets you electronically make deposits using a desktop scanner connected to your computer using your Internet connection. Users can make deposits from their locations by scanning checks, transmitting data and check images electronically. With Remote Deposit Capture your business will see many benefits, including improved cash flow and eliminating the expense of taking deposits to the bank and more.

Click here to purchase a scanner or scanner accessories to be used for Community Trust Bank Remote Deposit Capture, or for more information about the scanners offered by Community Trust Bank please contact your local branch. Click here to find your local Community Trust Bank location.

Lockbox Services - Remittance Processing

Streamline your incoming payments and remittance information. Our experienced staff will retrieve your mail from the post office every business day and provide you with images and reports of your remittance documents. You can manage your entire incoming payment process more efficiently, reduce cost, and have timely deposits from the convenience of your office. While Wholesale Lockbox is available for low volume clients, the Retail Lockbox Service manages high volume processing by scanning your remittance stub and payment documents.

Mortgage Loans

Mortgage Loans

Whether you're planning to purchase your first home, build a new home or hoping to set up a new residence, we provide a variety of terms and options.

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Protecting You

Community Trust Bank keeps you and your personal information safe, click to find out more about how you can help protect your information.

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