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Fiduciary Services

Community Trust Wealth & Trust Management invests to a fiduciary standard. A fiduciary is one who acts on behalf of others, and whose conduct, advice and decisions are evaluated according to the tenets of fiduciary responsibility.

Community Trust takes this one step further, as we may act as a "corporate fiduciary" in some instances, better known as a "corporate trustee". As such, we offer ongoing, objective support to manage the complex, time-consuming, and important responsibilities of serving as a trustee.

Why hire us? Because your goals are our goals. The benefits to designating Community Trust and Investment Company as a corporate trustee are:

  • Extensive professional experience
  • Personal, honest service
  • Comprehensive fiduciary asset management
  • Discretionary trust administration
  • Trust-specific reporting and record keeping of principal and income
  • Fiduciary income tax services
  • Convenience and continuity

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Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

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