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Institutional Investment Management

Your institution works hard to achieve its goals and objectives. Let us help with your financial goals. We provide investment solutions to professional organizations, governments/municipalities, foundations, endowments, non-profits and more.

We understand that these institutions have a duty and responsibility to protect and prudently invest their assets. We also understand the importance of these dollars and their intended goals. As a result, we are exceptionally diligent in controlling costs, using institutional share classes and commissions, and offering competitive management charges.

Our institutional investment solutions are based on rigorous quantitative research and strict adherence to our investment principles: Diversification, Diligence, and Discipline.

Highlights of the guidance we provide our institutional clients include:

  • Evaluate and recommend modifications to existing Investment Policy Statements (IPS)
  • Assist in creating, drafting and adopting an IPS
  • Determine investment strategies to satisfy the organization's specific investment goals
  • Practice an investment management style designed to minimize downside risk
  • Aid in regulatory and compliance monitoring
  • Provide customized reports to satisfy the organization's specific needs

We have the resources, knowledge, and expertise to execute the best investment strategy for your company.

Let's work together to build a customized investment strategy. Contact us to get started.


WTM Investment Philosophy

WTM Investment Philosophy

WTM offers disciplined investment management that is consistent with client objectives. We would welcome the opportunity to help you build an investment strategy.

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