Of course, S.O.S. is known as a maritime distress call and is commonly referred to as “Save Our Ship”. However, you do not have to be in distress to use our S.O.S., the acronym for our “Second Opinion Service”.

We believe that most advisors, agents and companies in the investment and insurance industry are ethical, well-intentioned and good at their craft. However, we also find that many clients do not fully understand their investments or their insurance. Or, they may have moved and need a new local advisor. If you want a second opinion, for any reason, we are here for you.

We want to help you: 

  • Understand your investment statement
  • Calculate your investment performance
  • Evaluate your asset allocation and diversification
  • Determine if the fee you are paying for service you are receiving is reasonable
  • Understand the different types of risks within your portfolio
  • Know how your annuity works
  • Be fully aware of any riders associated with your policy
  • Understand surrender periods and charges
  • Help you discover any tax advantages that may be available
  • Learn all of your income options
  • Review your beneficiary designations
  • Understand the type and amount of your insurance coverages
  • Consider any gaps or shortfalls in your policies
  • Evaluate any new solutions that are currently available
Sure, we would love to be your trusted financial consultant. However, we understand your trust is something we have to earn. Our S.O.S. program is a win-win. It gives you the opportunity to have a professional review your current situation, and if we find any areas we can help, maybe we can earn your trust and your business.


Contact us for a no-obligation second opinion today!