Investment Team

CTIC's Wealth and Trust Management team believes that excellent long-term investment results can be achieved in all market environments by employing a disciplined and opportunistic investment strategy.

We stress a diversified, tax-sensitive approach to investing and financial planning, always keeping your unique needs at the forefront while carefully managing and growing your assets.

Our experienced Investment team, with a global network of experts at their disposal, has the means to service your accounts and manage your assets specifically to meet your objectives.

Learn more about Our Investment Philosophy.

Meet our Investment Team:
R. Christopher Meng - Senior Vice President, Investments Manager
Jeffrey S. Thomison - Senior Vice President, Senior Equity Manager & Strategist
E. Barrett Coleman - Vice President, Portfolio Manager
Tammy R. Provost - Vice President, Portfolio Manager
Andrew Windsor - Vice President, Portfolio Manager
Taylor Linville - Assistant Vice President, Portfolio Manager
Sumer Miller - Assistant Vice President, Portfolio Manager
Rachel Moore - Investment Analyst

WTM provides investment value through analysis and disciplined investing.