Market Commentary

May 2020

COVID-19 Related Disaster

Sudden Impact
Payroll employment plunged 21m
Household employment dropped 22m Unemployment rate surged to 14.7%
Participation rate declined 4%
Consumer Comfort Index fell to 36.9

Massive Global Stimulus

Unprecedented & Coordinated
QE+ efforts from our Fed.
CARES Act & follow‐on PPP funding.
Over the past 9 months, worldwide there have been 401 stimulus announcements and 183 central bank rate cuts.

Re-opening has Begun

June 1 seems like the target date
Florida, Georgia & Texas have begun.
Many medical offices (non‐COVID‐19) opened on May 4.
Retail is set for May 20 thru May 29.
All businesses are focused on adopting new COVID‐19 practices.


Outlook: 2020, 2021
  • Disruption in consumer & business activity leads to 2020 earnings possibly down ~20%.
  • Path (not a sudden arrival) to normalcy could lead to earnings rebound in 2021, up ~20%.


It's All About the Time Period
  • S&P 500 P/E multiples based on: 

    • Est. 2020 EPS:  22.7x
    • Est. 2021 EPS:   17.9x
    • Est. 2022 EPS:  15.7x


Market is Relatively Optimistic
  • S&P 500 up 31% since 3/23/20 low
  • Near‐term variable: virus data in staggered re‐opening of economy
  • Beyond: improvements in employment data, GDP, corporate earnings, and stock prices
*Data as of 5/8/2020

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