Market Commentary

January 2021           

Latest Relief Package

Signed in Late December
  • $600 checks, extended unemployment benefits, rental assistance
  • More PPP loans
  • Broad assistance
  • Vaccine aid

Vaccine Rollout

Started in Late December 
  • 2 injections 21 days apart and refrigerated vials are required
  • Hospitals & military are first up
  • Distribution reports indicate process has been slow

Political Transitions

Implication of Democrat Control
  • Increased stimulus likely with additional $1400 check
  • Infrastructure spending with focus on green infrastructure
  • Tax hikes appear more challenging


Equity Market Summary

Unique Path to Gain in 2020

  • S&P 500 declined 31% from Jan 1- March 23 (pandemic onset)
  • Index rebounded 68% from March 24-Dec 31 (stimulus plans, low interest rates, vaccine progress, election, optimism)
  • 32 all-time highs during 2020
  • 109 days of +/- 1% moves


Pandemic Impact

  • Corporate earnings fell ~15% in 2020, but exceeded expectations
  • Improved economic conditions & easy comparison lead to projected 22% earnings gain in 2021
  • S&P 500 at 22.5x estimated 2021 earnings, 19.5x 2022 projection


Numerous Positive Factors in 2021

  • Low interest rates, low inflation, stimulus plans, vaccines, further re-openings, savings/cash levels, consumer net worth, sentiment 
Result: Conducive to gains in GDP, corporate earnings, equity markets

*Data as of 12/31/2020

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