Market Commentary

July 2020

Economic Outlook

Estimates are Moving Up
  • Evercore ISI Research has revised upward U.S. Real GDP, quarter over quarter from (50%) to (40%) for the second quarter of 2020 and from (5%) to +20% for the third quarter of 2020.
  • In 2021, GDP is estimated to grow by 5%.

Election Outlook

Biden Currently Favored 
  • President Trump has recently dropped in the media polls. Biden currently leads in key Midwestern states that are key to Trump’s potential re‐election.


Massive Global Stimulus

519 stimulus initiatives in < 1 year
  • 516. Paraguay cuts rates 50 basis pts
  • 517. Hungary cuts base rate 15 bps
  • 518. ECB to provide loans to non‐Eurozone Central Banks 
  • 519. Spain agrees to extend crisis furlough program through September 

Equity Market Summary

1H: A Tale of Two Quarters
S&P 500 Price Change:
  • 1Q: Pandemic impact/fears    -20%
  • 2Q: Pandemic recovery/optimism.    +20%
Both quarters among 10 worst/best quarters in S&P 500 history (1926+)

Earnings & Valuation

S&P 500 Stats
  • Earnings Growth

    • 2019:  +1%
    • 2020 Est.:  -22%
    • 2021 Est.:  +29%
  • P/E Multiple

    • 2019:  19.4x
    • 2020 Est.:  24.9x
    • 2021 Est.:  19.3x
5 year high-low, average: 23x-14x, 17x


Historical Data vs. Sentiment
  • Since 1988, 8 quarters of at least a 15% market gain: next 2 quarters up 8‐of‐8 times (average of +14%)
  • However: COVID case rebound, some re‐closings, U.S./China trade tensions, civil unrest, Presidential election shift

*Data as of 7/3/2020

Additional Information/Articles of Interest

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