Market Commentary

February 2021           

Latest Relief Package Talk

Democrats Pushing for More
  • Another $1,400 check?
  • $3,600 child tax credit?
  • $2,000 check for working mothers? (Universal Income)
  • May consider some qualifications

COVID-19 Update

The Roll-Out Continues 
  • Cases & hospitalizations have peaked since winter
  • Roll‐out varies by region with KY doing well, TN not doing well
  • Biden orders masks on Federal property

Biden Agenda

Select First Actions
  • Keystone Pipeline Project nixed
  • Drilling banned on Federal Land
  • Paris Treaty rejoined
  • Immigration reform
  • Student loan & other debt relief
  • Infrastructure plans

Equity Market Summary

January 2021

  • S&P 500 down 1.1% in January after robust gains in November/December
  • No major change in sentiment, rather likely a “wait and see” approach to upcoming stimulus
  • S&P 500 at 22x estimated 2021 earnings, 19x 2022 projection


4Q Scorecard

  • Two‐thirds of companies in the S&P 500 have reported 4Q results
  • 81% had a positive EPS surprise
  • The blended year‐over‐year EPS growth rate was +1.7%; one month ago expectation was ‐8.5%
  • Ex: Financials sector generally beating low expectations


Several Positive Factors

  • Low interest rates, low inflation, another stimulus plan, multiple vaccines, institutional re‐openings, high savings/cash levels, high consumer net worth 
Impact: conducive to gains in GDP, corporate earnings, equity markets

*Data as of 1/31/2021

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