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2017: 1st Quarter - Perspectives Newsletter

Published February 15, 2017

WTM is excited to unveil our new quarterly newsletter - "Perspectives". This quarter's topics include retirement, IRA errors, federal estate and gift taxes, and Bob Dylan. Check it out!

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2016: 4th Quarter Review - WTM Quarterly Outlook

Published January 1, 2017

After a sleepy summer, the market came alive as investors repositioned their portfolio for the Presidential election. An unexpected victory for the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, lit the market on fire as investors poured billions of dollars into equities, producing the largest post-election rally in history.

Heading into 2017, we see few certainties. Positive and negative headline risks will likely result in substantial market volatility for both fixed income and equity markets.

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2016: 3rd Quarter Review - WTM Quarterly Outlook

Published October 1, 2016

The selloff caused by the UK’s unexpected decision to exit the European Union was short lived. Volatility quickly subsided as equity markets lulled through the summer and yawned to new all-time highs.

U.S. economic data continued to show strength throughout the quarter and unemployment remains below 5%.

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2016: 2nd Quarter Review - WTM Quarterly Outlook

Published June 30, 2016

After a turbulent start to the year, equity markets cruised through April and May as a mix of positive and negative news kept the S&P 500 range-bound. Equity markets neared historic highs until the end of June when the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union. The unexpected results of the Brexit brought winds of uncertainty back into the market, and turbulence ensued. 

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2016: The Brexit Vote

Published June 24, 2016

The long awaited “Brexit” vote—the referendum on whether Britain should leave the European Union (E.U.)—has finally taken place. And the “yes” side has won: Britain will be the first nation to ever leave the E.U. Click below to read our take on the potential implications for the markets and investment portfolios.

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2016: 1st Quarter Review - WTM Quarterly Outlook

Published April 1, 2016

The first quarter of 2016 was riddled with market volatility. The S&P 500 got off to its worst start to a calendar year in market history. Subsequently, the market rallied to a positive 1.35% return.

The price of oil continues to be a key source of market volatility in 2016. Oil prices fell to a low of $26.11 per barrel during the second week of February, but quickly stabilized after Saudi Arabia and Russia – the world’s two largest oil producers – tentatively agreed to hold output at January 2016 levels. These talks are the first international effort to stabilize oil supply, since the glut began a year and a half ago.

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