Estate Administration

Our Wealth and Trust Management cares about you and your family, and we take pride in helping our clients manage their estate plans.

We can help you and your family build, manage, preserve and transition wealth by providing a wide range of comprehensive trust and estate services administered with objectivity and care.

In serving as executor, co-executor, or personal representative, CTIC's Wealth and Trust Management (WTM) team provides the following estate administration services:

  • Collect and secure estate's assets
  • Appraise the estate's assets
  • Notify creditors and pay debts
  • Collect money owed the estate
  • Manage estate's assets (real estate, securities, family-owned business)
  • Keep detailed reports to beneficiaries and probate court
  • Choose tax year for the estate 
  • Complete and file income and estate tax returns
  • Distribute estate's assets to beneficiaries

Contact WTM to let us help you understand and manage the complexities of taxes, trusts, estate planning and investments.