Investment Management

For both individuals and institutions‚ we offer disciplined investment management that is consistent with client objectives. Community Trust and Investment Company ensures this consistency through active portfolio management with a preference for individual securities. The client has online access to his/her account information‚ which is updated daily. The portfolio manager and administrative officer conduct regular meetings with the client to review performance and to confirm that the objectives are being met. Investment Management Services include:
  • Active asset allocation
  • Rigorous fundamental analysis of security selection
  • Disciplined‚ opportunistic investing
  • Taxable and tax-advantaged portfolio management
  • Performance measurement

Fiduciary Services

Fiduciary services are a core part of Community Trust and Investment Company’s Wealth and Trust Management business. We act as trustee or co-trustee to assure reliable trust administration. Fiduciary services include:
  • Administer trust according to terms of document
  • Establish an investment objective
  • Maintain custody of trust assets
  • Provide detailed accounting and reporting.
  • Prepare fiduciary tax returns

Estate Administration Services

In serving as executor‚ co-executor‚ or personal representative‚ WTM provides the following services:
  • Collect and secure estate’s assets
  • Appraise the estate’s assets
  • Notify creditors and pay debts
  • Collect money owed the estate
  • Manage estate’s assets (real estate‚ securities‚ family-owned business)
  • Keep detailed records of all transactions
  • Submit reports to beneficiaries and probate court
  • Choose tax year for the estate
  • Complete and file income and estate tax returns 
  • Distribute estate’s assets to beneficiaries

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