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24-Hour Convenience Line (1-888-443-8504)

Community Trust Bank is proud to offer our customers the 24-Hour Convenience Line. This automated voice response system will allow you to have access to your account information - such as balances, recent activity or loan payoff information - and enables you to make electronic transfers between deposit accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

The instructions provided will guide you through the system for quick and convenient access to your account information. Just one of many services Community Trust Bank is providing to our customers to make your banking easier!

Important Note: On your initial call to the Convenience Line:

Select the PIN Change option during this initial call and change your PIN to any number you choose - up to 6 digits! Your PIN must be changed on each account number. Please remember to keep your PIN confidential at all times.

How to Use

  1. Have your account number(s) and PIN ready
  2. Using a touch tone telephone, call 1-888-443-8504
  3. Listen carefully to the main menu options and choose the category selection for your account(s)
  4. Press 0 at any time to speak to a Telephone Customer Service Representative during regular business hours (Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 6:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm)
  5. Press * at any time during the call to return to the previous menu
  6. Press 9 at any time during the call to end the call
  7. In order to transfer funds between accounts, please contact a CTB Customer Service Representative at your local branch for the form to activate this feature.

The following toll-free number should be used to access your Community Trust Bank, Inc. accounts:


Services Offered

Checking Accounts

  • Balance Information
  • Verify paid checks
  • Last 10 checks/withdrawals posted
  • Last 10 deposits/credits posted
  • Interest earned year-to-date

Savings Accounts

  • Balance Information
  • Last 10 withdrawals/debits posted
  • Last 10 deposits/credits posted
  • Interest earned year-to-date

Loan Accounts

  • Balance and Interest Paid
  • Payment Information
  • Payoff Amounts

Card Services

  • Activate your Visa Debit Card
  • Report your ATM/Visa Debit Card as lost or stolen
  • Change your ATM/Visa Debit Card PIN

Funds Transfer

  • Transfers between deposit accounts

Merchant Verification

  • Verify funds are currently available to cover a check

PIN Change

  • Select a new Personal Identification Number (max 6 digits)
Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

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Card Services

Community Trust Bank offers a variety of card services to meet the needs of most customers, with the CTB Flexcard (ATM/Debit Card), the Visa Travelers Card, Visa Gift Card, Visa PrePaid Card, or a variety of credit cards one will meet your lifestyle

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