When most people think of risk, they think of the risks posed by certain investments, like penny stocks or junk bonds, or the risks associated with certain activities, like racing motorcycles or sky diving.

Unfortunately, too little thought is given to the more prevalent scenarios, such as needing an extended period of health care, being injured and unable to work, or even a premature death. Even less thought is given to the resulting impact these events will have on an individual’s or a family’s finances.

At a minimum, proper planning includes a discussion about the types and amounts of insurance that may be required to protect your income, to protect your assets and to ensure your financial plan can be completed should an unexpected event occur.

Our Financial Consultants are ready to assist you with your questions and your needs regarding life insurance, long-term care insurance, and disability insurance, such as:


  • Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life…what’s right for me?
  • How much coverage is enough?
  • Isn't long-term care covered by Medicare?
  • What are the chances I’ll need some form of long-term care?
  • Could you pay your bills, and for how long, if your income suddenly stopped?
  • Will worker’s compensation or Social Security provide enough coverage if I become disabled?
No one likes to talk about insurance, but everyone likes to receive an insurance check because it pays when you really need it most!


You probably insure your home and your car, and you may even insure your identity. What about your life, your assets, and your income? Get informed and get covered.

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Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing company.